Along with improvements in technology come attempts by automobile manufacturers to include the latest and greatest features in their vehicles as a selling tool. Over the past year I have been contacted by numerous consumers whose entertainment/infotainment systems freeze resulting in loss of not only audio functionality but also loss of associated features such as navigation, Bluetooth, and the backup camera. 

Often, the customer is told that the problem is with their phone. While this may seem like any easy response to get the customer to go away, the reality is that the problem is usually not the phone. Even when switching phones or using models on the manufacturer's "approved list" these problems persist. If you have experienced a recurring issue with your 2015 or new model vehicle where the entertainment center  freezes, the backup camera does not work, the Bluetooth cuts off randomly, contact California Lemon Law attorney Stephen Barnes to discuss the problem. Attorney Barnes has handled thousands of cases and he will be able to advise you whether the California Lemon Law applies to your situation. 

Don't take the "it's your phone" response lying down.