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Barnes Law Firm has resolved several thousand lemon law claims in California. Our goal is to provide one-on-one attention to every client from beginning to end.

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Don't Get Stuck With a Lemon

You rely on your vehicle to safely transport you and your family, free of any preventable hazards. Few things can be as stressful or frustrating as having a vehicle that is constantly malfunctioning, defective, or at times, dangerous.

Unfortunately, cars, boats, RVs, and other vehicles could be manufactured in a way that directly puts drivers and their passengers in jeopardy.

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A Pioneer in CA Lemon Law

Attorney Barnes is one of the early pioneers who has exclusively been handling Lemon Law cases in California.

    One of the Most Qualified & Respected Lemon Law Firms in California

    Barnes Law Firm has resolved several thousand lemon law claims in California.

    Information is Key

    Stephen Barnes has exclusively handled lemon law cases for 30 years. In this time, he has successfully represented thousands of consumers in California and helped resolve their lemon law claims on their behalf.

    As a skilled and experienced legal advocate for consumer rights, he can be trusted to help guide your steps, protect your interests, and deliver the best possible results.

    Have you purchased a lemon? Did you or a loved one lease a problematic vehicle? Discuss your case today!

    We accept most lemon law cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay no attorney fees since we collect our fees from the manufacturer only if we are successful with your case. Don't wait another day!

    Learn How Barnes Law Firm Can Help

    You do not have to suffer with the costly and risky ramifications of driving a lemon! Barnes Law Firm was created with the intent of protecting the rights of consumers and car owners by demanding justice from manufacturers that fail to repair your car, RV, or boat to conform to the warranty after a reasonable number of attempts.

    Our Orange County lemon law attorney's upstanding reputation in handling lemon law cases for 30 years helps make sure our clients and their cases get the attention they rightly deserve.

    As one of the early pioneer lemon law attorneys who began exclusively practicing lemon law shortly after the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act was put into place, Stephen G. Barnes truly knows the ins and outs of the law. In an effort to right the wrongs you have experienced, we can hold the appropriate parties accountable and secure a recovery, replacement, or refund on your behalf.

    Call 949.446.1668 and request your free initial consultation with a lemon law lawyer near you. Let us determine the types of legal remedies that may be available to you!


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    California's Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act

    What You Need to Know
    • Types of Vehicles Covered

      May include new vehicles, used vehicles, or leased vehicles that are used for personal, family, or business purposes.

    • Types of Consumers Protected

      Individuals and certain businesses who buy or lease a vehicle or consumer product with a written warranty.

    • Types of Problems Covered

      Nonconformities and defects covered by the new vehicle warranty and severely substantially impairs the use, value, or safety of the vehicle to the consumer.

    • Recoveries Available

      Manufacturers have the duty to refund or replace the vehicle if unable to repair after a certain number of attempts.