Does the Lemon Law Apply to Used Cars?

When you buy a used or pre-owned certified car, truck, van, or other vehicle that is still covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, you might not only be protected under California Used Car Lemon Law, but the Federal Used Car Lemon Law as well.

What is the California Used Car Lemon Law?

This law provides protection for those who either purchase or lease a used vehicle that is still covered by a manufacturer’s original warranty, preventing them from being stuck with a lemon. Moreover, this law also covers demonstrator vehicles, vehicles that were previously repurchased under the lemon law and resold with a manufacturer’s warranty, and any vehicle that is Certified Pre-Owned by the manufacturer and is sold with the manufacturer’s express written warranty. Owners with defective vehicles can, under this law, receive compensation in the form of a refund, a replacement, or cash compensation, assuming their vehicle meets the requirements of the Used Car Lemon Law.

The Manufacturer’s Duty to Repair

Under the Used Car Lemon Law, manufacturers and authorized dealers are provided with a reasonable number of chances to repair the defects in a used car or vehicle that is still under warranty before they are required to buy it back or compensate the owner.

The number of opportunities given might be extended if the vehicle experienced:

  • 1 to 2 repairs for a serious safety defect
  • 2 or more repair attempts where the defect recurred and could likely cause death or serious injuries if driven
  • 4 or more attempts were already made to repair the defect
  • The vehicle is in for repairs for numerous defects and nonconformities for a total of 30 days or more

Exceptions for When a Manufacturer or its Agents Are Not Required to Make a Refund or Replacement

There are a couple of rare circumstances in which California Used Car Lemon Law does not apply, which include:

  • The problems the car is experiencing were caused by abuse after the vehicle was delivered to the customer
  • The terms of warranty for maintenance and proper use were not followed

If you suspect that your used car might be a lemon, it is your right as a consumer to contact a California Lemon Law Attorney. Make sure you obtain and keep a copy of the repair order that clearly indicates what issues your car has been repaired for and directly notify the manufacturer of your vehicle regarding its defects.

Used Car Lemon Law in Orange County

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