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  • How Does Lemon Law Work in California?

    We all heavily rely on our vehicles, whether we use it commute to work, for travel, to take the kids to and from school, or run errands. Having a vehicle is a major necessity for most of us and, when you buy a car, you expect it to be in good condition, so you can rely on it to help you get to where you are going. In California, the Lemon Law is designed to protect you when you purchase a new ...
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    Along with improvements in technology come attempts by automobile manufacturers to include the latest and greatest features in their vehicles as a selling tool. Over the past year I have been contacted by numerous consumers whose entertainment/infotainment systems freeze resulting in loss of not only audio functionality but also loss of associated features such as navigation, Bluetooth, and the ...
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  • Does the Lemon Law Apply to Used Cars?

    When you buy a used or pre-owned certified car, truck, van, or other vehicle that is still covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, you might not only be protected under California Used Car Lemon Law, but the Federal Used Car Lemon Law as well. What is the California Used Car Lemon Law? This law provides protection for those who either purchase or lease a used vehicle that is still covered by a ...
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  • Ford Powershift Transmission Class Action Settlement

    If you are the owner of a 2012-2016 Ford Focus or 2011-2016 Fiesta you have probably heard about the recent settlement of the powershift transmission class action . In the past few months I have received numerous calls from owners asking what impact the settlement has on those who did not opt out of the settlement. There are three potential options for these owners. If an owner has three or more ...
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